Areas of focus

Advisory and declarative

I advise foreign clients on their projects in France, both in the context of setting up permanently (to spend their retirement here for example), and for people wishing to invest in France.

I can assist you with your installation projects and inform you of the tax system applicable, both when you are setting up and throughout the year (income tax, property wealth tax “IFI”, local taxes). I can also give you an insight into how your inheritance would work.

I offer my clients assistance in the follow-up of all their tax obligations in France. I can intervene on a one-off basis, or in the form of a more global mission with the follow-up over the whole year.

I also propose to professionals wishing to develop their activity in France, to assist them in their installation and their development (in particular with the choice of social structure in relation to their projects, taxation choices, and VAT).

Fields of intervention :

  • Assistance with setting up in France
  • Transmission of your patrimony
  • More generally, legal and tax assistance for foreigners with French Administration (follow-up of tax declarations, payments etc)
  • Income tax
  • Wealth tax on real estate assets “IFI”
  • Local taxes (“taxe d’habitation” and property tax “taxe foncière”)
  • Donation and inheritance tax
  • Corporate income tax
  • VAT


I assist international clients with their specific litigation matters.

Tax disputes are subject to their own procedures and deadlines, which must be respected. These cases must be treated with caution, and assistance is highly recommended.

In particular, I can intervene in disputes relating to the location of an individual’s tax residence (in cases where two States consider that you are resident in both States for tax purposes). Various elements are recognised by law as being conclusive as to whether or not a person is resident in a particular state.

This type of litigation can focus on the proof of actual use of a property and the length of your stay in France.

The same type of dispute may also arise when qualifying the existence of a permanent establishment “établissement stable” in France for a foreign company.

Finally, non-residents may also be concerned by more general tax disputes, in particular with regard to income tax and wealth tax on real estate assets “IFI”.

 Generally speaking, I represent my clients when dealing with the tax authorities and judicial or administrative courts to defend their interests.

Property investment and taxation

The taxation inherent to the ownership of a property includes many aspects that need to be well mastered.

The creation of a company for the purchase may be worthwhile in certain cases, and may even be required by a bank to finance the acquisition. However, using a company can have important consequences not only with regard to the applicable taxation, but also to whether you will be allowed to rent the property as a furnished rental.

The issues related to furnished rentals (such as Airbnb) have become very important, both in terms of the applicable taxation and the rules put in place by certain cities (in Nice for example).  It is not uncommon for taxpayers to discover that they cannot freely rent the property they were planning to rent out, and thus have difficulties in financing their investment. Such problems are not well mastered yet by real estate agencies.

Therefore, I encourage you to consult me before embarking on your acquisition projects in France.

I also assist my clients in valuation disputes. It is common for the administration to rectify the declared value of a property in different types of litigation (wealth tax on real estate assets “IFI”, donation or inheritance tax, capital gains tax, 3% tax, as well as those concerning foreign companies providing use of a property to a shareholder).

I assist my clients in the preparation of their wealth tax on real estate assets “IFI” and also with the formalities inherent to the ownership of a property by a foreign legal entity (3% tax).